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Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

When one lives in upstate New York in January, the lack of sun can really get to a person. Combined with ridiculously cold temperatures this year, it has been easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the negative aspects of life. Looking to get out of that trap I decided to shake off the doldrums and take a moment each week to focus on my favorite parts of life, and what I am enjoying at the moment. Not only does it make me thankful for what I have, but reminds me to take a step back and enjoy the simple things...
Here are my favorites from this week!

Green smoothie after a workout, so delicious! Definitely one of my favorite breakfast foods as well. Recipe coming soon!
My reading selection for the week. So far so good.
My bathroom rug that I made out of an old bed sheet. Who knew strips of material could crochet so well! Reminds me of one of my favorite children's books.

So what are some of your favorites this week?


  1. Crossword puzzles, crockpot recipes, comic relief with the fam.... these are a few of my favorite things this week!

    Mom S.