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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Picture Perfect

Hello again my dear readers! Whew, it has been too long and much has happened. I have been absent because I have spent the last few weeks completing my masters degree, which I am happy to say is done and over. Relief is an understatement. Though I loved every minute of it, the fact that I do not have mountains of homework greeting me at the door every afternoon is quite nice. Especially because I now have more time to devote to different aspects of my life...like this blog!

Several weeks ago my sister the photographer expressed that I needed to update the outdated pictures on my blog and offered to do a photo shoot. I knew immediately that doing a shoot with her would be incredibly fun, and I would get a lot of great material from her work. Sure enough, she did not disappoint. Not only is she very talented, she is so much fun to work with! She does her best to put everyone at ease and make the photographs feel natural and fun. I have worked with her during multiple weddings and watched her shoot many friends and families that have resulted in some beautiful photographs. Check out her website to see what I mean. 

Of course I could go on and on, but suffice it to say she is an excellent resource if you need a photographer. She is also currently offering two special deals to Edges of Lace readers. If you book a wedding date with her before January 1st, she will give one extra hour of coverage! If you book a regular lifestyle shoot before January 1st she will give you 10% off her going price! This is a really fabulous deal, especially for those of you that want family portraits, engagement sessions, maternity, baby shots. portraits, or just a fun photo shoot. Contact her here and just mention that you read this blog so she will give you whichever deal you choose! Now for the pictures!



So which one is your favorite?


  1. My favorite is the second one that's in B/W. Next time I'm in the north country maybe I'll stop buy for a shoot; my agent says I have to update my portfolio. It, seems my baby pictures aren't fooling anyone anymore.

  2. The 4th one screams "DANA!" (and it's how I always think of you)
    As for my favorite? Em did too good a job for me to pick!!!!!!!!

    Mom S.