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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scarf Organization

I love a good scarf. They spice up an outfit and make the perfect accessory for the crisp temperatures of fall. Unfortunately, though they can be a great accessory, I have the worst time keeping them organized. I would fold them in piles, put them in boxes, or hang them over hangers. However, none of these ideas worked very well, and I would become frustrated at the lack of a good place to keep them. Then I remembered an organization trick I learned for my husband's ties, and I figured the same would work for scarves. Cheap, easy, and fast. Now that's the ideal way to organize!

1. Sturdy clothes hanger
2. Shower rings (I bought the plastic ones at Target for a whopping $1.25!)
3. Scarves

 Grab your supplies!

Clip the rings to your hanger

Hang your scarves and you are ready to go!

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