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Friday, October 17, 2014

Life Changes: New House Edition!

I'm not sure exactly when we decided to look for a house, but I remember that we both seemed to come to the idea simultaneously. It just felt right. Coming from two first born children that says a lot. It always seems that when one of us is sure of something, the other one is always there to play devils advocate. Of course by the time the other is convinced, the one who came up with the original idea is back over to the other side. Ha! Please tell me we aren't the only ones who do this?

Anyway, back in May we decided to quietly start looking. No fuss, no Realtor, no high hopes. We worked on getting pre-approved and started perusing houses in our area, simply getting a feel for the neighborhoods. We were really specific in the list of things we wanted, and we were willing to wait. Honestly, I think we both thought it would take awhile to find something. After signing up for a multiple listing service (best house hunting tool ever!) we looked at several. Nothing even remotely came close to what we wanted. Several weeks later we saw a new one listed. The caption said "A perfect 10!" We laughed at the sales pitch, but figured we'd give it a try. Two hours later we had both fallen in love! It was perfect! Sure it had it's quirks and drawbacks, but we loved it. In August we were handed the keys, walked over the threshold, and promptly got dripped on in the living room ceiling...but that's a story for another day. Now we are loving owning our own home! One of those aspects of adulthood that just feels better than we ever dreamed. Two months later we still look at each other across the dining room table and say "Wow, we are eating dinner in OUR house!" Could it get any better? I dare say not :)

Now it is time for some DIY! I am more than ready :)

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