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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snow is in the air...

I love it when large snowflakes come drifting down outside. It makes me feel all cozy and ready for Christmas! In preparation for the holiday I wanted to make something that would display some snowflakes of my own. When my Grandparents passed away I was given some of my Grandmother's handmade crochet snowflakes. Growing up my Mom always had a few that we put on our own tree, and it was a treasured ritual to put them in a place of honor. Of course I wanted to carry out the same tradition myself. However, I wanted to display them in a way that I could keep them out for longer then just the holiday season. As a result, my stick tree was born! 


- Tall glass vase
- 3-4 pinecones
- 10 or so sticks cut to desired length. I wanted my tree big so the sticks were taller then normal.
- Enough ornaments to fill your tree. I used my Grandmother's snowflakes and sparkly fake fruit.

The tree now nicely adorns the top of my book shelf and I am thinking it needs a strand of lights to give it an extra pop. Guess it's time to take out the Christmas totes and get the rest of the house excited for Christmas :).

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