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Saturday, October 27, 2012

SIPIDI Saturday: Earring Organizer

Siippeeedeee...siippiiidddiii...sseeppee....huh? What in the world is SIPIDI Saturday? If you're wondering, you would not be the first (just ask my very confused tech guy, aka: the husband). SIPIDI Saturday or Saw It Pinned It Did It Saturday, is all about creating something off of Pinterest. You know, that place that everyone is addicted to and loves despite trying their best not to. Like the general masses, I am no exception. It might be a little unhealthy, but so is ice-cream and you don't see anyone giving that up anytime soon ;). I thought this would be the perfect motivation to complete all those awesome projects I am always pinning but never manage to get to. Perhaps it'll motivate you too!

Today’s project is super easy and adorable. I love earrings, but I have never had a good place to display them. Anything I have seen in the stores has run anywhere from $20-$30, but I wanted a less expensive version. When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew I had found the solution! Here's how you can make your own!

- Embroidery hoops (Hobby Lobby had various sizes ranging $1-$3 depending on the size)
- Doilies (I had a few from various garage sales or that had been given to me. You can find them at your local antique store or the Dollar store)

 1. Grab your loop and separate the pieces.

2. Drape your doily over the inside hoop and place the outside loop over it. Fit the pieces together. 

3. Pull the edges of the doily around the outside to get it perfectly taunt. If you have some hangover that is totally fine. It actually works great if you have a lot of hoop earrings!

The end result is a great holder that can hold a lot of earrings and looks adorable on your wall!

As you can see, mine is a little loaded down :). Guess it is time to make another one!


  1. This is adorable....will you be adding some to your "for sale" items??!!

    Mom S.

  2. Probably not this time around :) We'll see though!